How Long is Recovery Time After Hernia Repair Surgery?

How Long is Recovery Time After Hernia Repair Surgery?

People affected by hernias need to be careful with their diet and exercise routines. Every activity involving your abdomen should be controlled enough to keep the pain from turning out to be extremely searing with time. If you have been suffering from the issue for some time and have been diagnosed with a hernia, the best solution would be surgery. A single long incision made in the groin is the starting point of this surgery, which will push back the bulging portion back from the abdominal wall. It would be either pushed back or tied off and removed when the hernia goes down the inguinal canal.

Sewing the edges of healthy muscle tissue together is the traditional repairment for the weak spots in the muscle wall. Various such methods exist to remove and treat hernia growth. Open surgery is one method that has a distinct pattern to be followed, which isn’t similar to laparoscopic surgery. Larger incisions, second incisions in case of hernia on both sides, and local anesthesia are common in open surgeries. In laparoscopic surgeries, the surgeon doesn’t need to make as many incisions, making it a better option in certain cases. Let us look at more details about the hernia repair surgery.

Working of the Surgery

All inguinal hernias causing pain and other strangulating symptoms need repair. This is highly recommended for hernias in children, and they are usually repaired with open surgery. When you opt for open surgery for inguinal hernia repair, the recurrence rate is brought down significantly. Almost all hernia surgeries use synthetic patches.

 Hernia Repair Surgery


The most common risks involved in hernia repair surgeries are:

  • Infection and bleeding
  • Reaction to the local anesthesia
  • Femoral artery or vein getting damaged.
  • Numbness of skin, nerve damage, and loss of blood supply to the scrotum.
  • Vas Deferens gets damaged.

Of all these risks, the reaction to anesthesia is the one with the highest risk. Also, the infection can severely affect you. The swelling over the incision may be due to some allergy. Make sure to call your doctor if the wound is bleeding or the incision is warm and red. Fever, testicular pain, and swelling at the scrotum can also be symptoms of this infection.

Who Needs to Be Careful?

People with a history of blood clots should be well prepared for the surgery to reduce complications. They must consult the doctor before finalizing the surgery date. Smokers and patients taking other medicines should discuss the possible issues with the surgery.

What Should Be Expected After The Surgery?

Going home the same day of the surgery is common these days, but you must take care of the wound. Recovery will take up to 3 weeks, and within those 21 days, you would be able to take light activities. It is always best to wait for six weeks after recovery to get involved in strenuous tasks. Do not drive until two weeks.

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